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Super Cable with or without Plate

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Super Cable with or without Plate


This revolutionary polymer-based cerclage system is designed to solve many of the inherent problems of traditional monofilament wire and cabling systems.

Technical features

  • Fatigue strength superior to metal cables and wire. Witch leads to Reduced Complications from breakage.
  • Elimination of cable-generated metal particle debris. Metal debris has been shown to greatly increase wear in adjacent total joints. Metal cable and wire fragments have been shown to migrate throughout the body.
  • No sharp cable ends. Won’t irritate patient tissue.
  • “Iso-Elasticity” provides long-term dynamic compressive loading across bone fragments and offers the possibility for better healing and increased construct strength.
  • The unique “crimp-less” locking mechanism makes it possible to re-tighten the cables easily.
  • Cables are easy and quick to manipulate within the wound and saves OR time.
  • No metal cable contacting metallic implants.
  • Radiolucent strands
  • Easier visualization on post-op x-rays.