110716 Cerasorb Foam 5012

Cerasorb Foam


  • Filling, bridging and/or reconstruction of non infected bone defects. 
  • Plastic reconstruction of damaged bone regions.
  • Bone fusions, e.g. spinal fusions
  • Filling of intervertebral implants.

Technical features

  • Is highly porous composite material consisting of porcine collagen (collagen complex) and pure-phase B-TCP morsels of differing size and density. The collagen component serve to embed the morsels and secure them with its fibers. The special two component mixture provides a granule content of 85% by weight, thus offering high volume stability after degradation of the collagen with its faster resorption rate.
  • Cerasorb Foam has proved problem free, safe and biocompatible in use.
  • Available in 5cc and 10cc.