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Unique recrystallised for consistent and reliable performance in carrying antibiotics to the site of musculoskeletal infections

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STIMULAN® is a truly absorbable, calcium sulfate antibiotic carrier - specificly designed to support the proactive management of dead space and surgical site infection with unrivalled flexibility and broadest surgical application.

  • the only calcium matrix approved for use in bone and soft tissue.
  • approved for mixing with vancomycin, gentamicin and tobramycin
  • can be plced directly into infected and non-infected sites 

Technical features

STIMULAN® is a pharmaceutical-grade calcium sulfate with a unique crystal structure that has tightly controlled properties:

  • controlled purity
  • physiologic pH level
  • no hydroxyapatite
  • easily mixed with liquid and powder antibiotics
  • completely absobs at an optimal rate
  • no third body damage
  • predicatable elution profile
  • proven action against biofilms
  • flexibility to tailor antibiotic to clinical need


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